Wyvern Community Transport is a not for profit organisation providing transport services for the residents of Rochford district and Castle Point Borough.  Our service provides a valuable link for people unable to use public transport due to illness, age or geographical isolation.  Our cars and minibuses may be used for appointments, shopping, or social events.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Can I use it?
Yes, if you are a permanent resident of either Rochford district or Castle Point Borough and find it difficult to use conventional transport for any of these reasons:

  • Restricted mobility
  • You are temporarily unable to use public transport
  • You live in an area not served by public transport
  • Your transport needs are not met by existing timetables

What can I use it for?
Community Transport can be used by its members for any of these activities: hospital visiting; social/day centres; further education; rehabilitation classes; chiropodist appointments; to visit family and friends; shopping; doctor, dentist or optician appointments; lunch clubs; church – and many other activities.

How to join?
Membership is free and a form can be downloaded from the ‘FAQs’ section.
Alternatively, you may contact us on either telephone line provided.
Please note: Members will be required to renew registration each year.

How much does it cost?
Members assist with the cost of the journey by paying £4.00 for any distance up to 3 miles. For journeys over 4 miles in our minibuses £0.60p per mile is payable and for journeys over 4 miles in our social cars £0.45p per mile is payable.

Our minibuses are also available, within a brokerage scheme, for use by registered groups in the area. They can be used for visits to the theatre; garden centres; shopping trips; days out to The London Eye, Clacton, Tiptree Jam Factory, Hyde Hall etc, or for any school trips you may require.

Group annual membership fee is £15. The minimum charge for a local trip within a 10 mile radius from pick up is £35 and £1.30p per mile thereafter.

Homepage bus imageIt is advisable to make all group bookings well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Wyvern Community Transport currently has 7 minibuses and 1 Caddy vehicle in its fleet.

All our minibuses are wheelchair accessible, have low level entry, rear lift platforms and seat belts.

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